Reducing the cost of customer acquisition through JIRA Core

Sales funnel is a theoretical path covered by the consumer, from the very first contact with the brand till the purchase decision. All costs of this process (in terms of a single entity or a person) are the costs of the customer acquisition. This article will show you the way of minimizing the costs of this process through JIRA Core.


If the company does not have a possibility to further reduce the production costs, reducing the cost of customer acquisition can be one of the possible solutions, which equally contributes to profits increase. In mature markets, where ... Read More

Make the most from JIRA Issue Templates for your business

How many times did you have to create countless iterative issues and just wished you could get your job done faster?

This is where issue templates come in. They help to simplify the process of creating new issues by automatically populating issue fields with predefined values.

Sounds like a great solution if you need to create a lot of similar issues, doesn’t it?

Now you can use Issue Templates add-on for JIRA Cloud as well. You can try a free trail version right here: Issue Templates for JIRA.

How can businesses benefit from issue templates? ... Read More

Operational excellence for companies 200+ (case of JIRA integration)

For start-ups a rapid increase (or fall) is very common, and their tasks division is not and can’t be highly formalized. Only when the organization is at the stage of scaling, much greater emphasis is being made on defining and optimizing processes than on creating and experimenting the new initiative areas. The better managers can understand and define the objectives of individual processes, the greater operation efficiency is achieved. That’s why the article is presenting one of the most popular methods of improving processes: DMAIC, using the case of two JIRA instances integration.


Case study – JIRA to JIRA ... Read More

Universal key to the business development – process management

General information about processes management  

Over the past 10 years I have managed to increase the efficiency in 87 companies. It’s not that many, considering that as an InTENSO team we have implemented more than 500 projects. Let me just say how proud I am with coming to such conclusions, while exchanging views within our organization. Following trends and best practices, I have no doubts that there is a revolution in the field of processes optimization. Thanks to the possibilities offered by IT, process management is a crucial element of building a competitive advantage and often is a ... Read More

JIRA with Trello™ integration – we did it, and it’s called Trello™ Sync

99% of what we do is based on our customers needs (discovered during dedicated development work carried out). There was a need to find a user-friendly frontend to inform people outside of JIRA on what level of commitment the project was. We have provided the opportunity for all issues set in specific JIRA filters to be now synchronized with Trello board, in any manner. The add-on created by us that provides this kind of solution is called: Trello™ Sync.

This whole idea of Trello™ Sync is very simple but it solves very common problems:

  • 10+ mln users of Trello™ board ... Read More

A revolutionary frontend for JIRA, specifically geared towards business

Whilst we have been working on customer assignments, we often receive queries in regards to the simplification of JIRA in terms of use as well as making it more business oriented. That is a natural consequence of an ever increasing number of JIRA users outside IT departments. Hence, our assumption based on this, was that a new frontend for JIRA was required.

Currently the most accepted method of organizing issues is Kanban board.

Kanban board

Where all issues are set in columns presenting the order of workflow. In this particular example: to do, in progress and done. It is not hard to guess ... Read More

TestFLO: How to integrate test cases with requirements and defects?

TestFLO for JIRA is the only software that enables smooth passage from test cases to integrated requirements and defects. What does that mean? To put it simply, test cases are created on the basis of certain requirements. That process includes creating a test specification and a test plan. Test cases are then used to prepare a list of defects. The teams we’ve worked with reported problems with a smooth transition between individual stages. That’s why in this video we explain how to integrate test cases with requirements and defects and how to use broad traceability metrics.

How to integrate test ... Read More

TestFLO: TestLink migration wizard

Our clients who handle test management have been asking us about the possibility of transferring test cases from TestLink to TestFLO. Therefore, we decided to create a wizard that makes it possible to do it quickly and easily.

The video explains how it works. Upon opening the wizard there are two steps to follow. The first one, where you fill in individual fields, is fairly intuitive. In the second one, you attach the data file that you previously exported from TestLink. Upon finishing the migration you can move back to previously imported Test Case templates. Our wizard makes it possible all ... Read More

The 6th version of Issue Templates has been already released

We are proud to announce that the 6th version of Issue Templates has been already released. The very first version of Issue Templates was released a few years ago, now we provide our customers with the most advanced version of the add-on. Currently, when your users create new issues, it can be done in an easier and more efficient way. The full list of changes is pretty long, so I will focus on the most important ones: New version is up to 300% faster You’ll be excited to experience faster templates loading on create screen. Templates caching has been added as well ... Read More

TestFLO: Reusable repository of test cases

One of the most often used JIRA test management software is TestFLO. During test management it’s often necessary to run the same test cases repeatedly. Especially if you introduce product modifications to functionalities that have already been tested. TestFLO offers the possibility to use the same test specifications for multiple times, which saves time and minimises the risk of error. We have created ‘Reusable Repository of Test Cases’ that you can enable for each project separately. In this video we explain how to use this functionality, and how to create the specification of a single test case.

In order to create ... Read More